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Deaf and Proud

I'm proud to be Deaf

Most people react negatively towards deaf community which is not a perfect feeling for a Deaf or Hard of Hearing person!

Deaf are humans, they feel, love, hate, create, think, and dream. I’m not deaf, but lately I’ve been so close to the deaf community especially creative deaf kids at some local organizations like Asdaa’ Association for the Hearing Impared, and Resala organization. I can tell that the deaf community are more talented than hearing people, they have the advantage of blocking unwanted distractions and sounds, so they can concentrate with high levels.

They really need the people to treat them equally. Deaf is not a disease, you should interact with them, some people would find it difficult to interact with the deaf and hard of hearing but it’s not that difficult, and you don’t have to learn sign language in order to have a successful conversation. You can interact with deaf or hard of hearing who can read lips, just talk normal but slow your speed a little bit, and I mean it -a little- so they can understand. Don’t stress on words and talk louder, you would just scramble the letters on your lips and make the situation worse.

You should also be aware of the most familiar signs in the sign language, just some words to survive for example the words: deaf, greetings, directions, time, date, and so on.

Finally I’d like to recommend the following video by our active member at Shack of Hope (Rebecca Toft) her video is featuring various Hearing Aids used by the deaf and hard of hearing, and also featuring someone from the deaf community talking about his experience.

Special Thanks to Rebecca Toft : )

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FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Champions 2010: Falcon Eye (Egypt)

Falcon Eye Team

Asdaa', FLL, LaFarge, Fulbright, Arab Academy for Science and Technology

The deaf and hard of hearing kids won the cups in the robot competition and represent Egypt in an International competition for robots.

FIRST LEGO League ( or as known as FLL) is an international competition for elementary and middle school students. It is arranged by the FIRST organization.

At the end of the local competition for robot and scientific research (First LEGO League – Egypt) loud applause was heard in the Alexandria Center for Innovation after announcing (Falcon Eye) team, The deaf and hard of hearing team, to be the winner as first place all over Egypt.

The final included 15 teams. This success was under the supervision of ASDAA’ Association for Serving the Hearing Impaired and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

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