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AAE: The Perfect Puppies

Milk Party

Last week (Sep 14, 2012) we managed to get a closer look on the 2 dogs on campus. Thanks to the vet in charge at AAE (Animal Aid Egypt) Dr Esraa Jad, we managed to give them the necessary injection shots and will follow up on them every couple of weeks. The good news is that they had 9 cute puppies [Masha’Allah], and we are currently looking for someone trusted to adopt them and find them a new home, away from the risky life on campus and the dangerous human beings! This is a video we took for the puppies after a big milk party ^^

Photos of the puppies on facebook:

— The conversion of the video from .MOV to .FLV was done on FreeBSD 8.3 using ffmpeg 0.7.13

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What is Islam? Islam in Brief

Islam in Brief – Yusuf Estes

Enjoy =)


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FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Champions 2010: Falcon Eye (Egypt)

Falcon Eye Team

Asdaa', FLL, LaFarge, Fulbright, Arab Academy for Science and Technology

The deaf and hard of hearing kids won the cups in the robot competition and represent Egypt in an International competition for robots.

FIRST LEGO League ( or as known as FLL) is an international competition for elementary and middle school students. It is arranged by the FIRST organization.

At the end of the local competition for robot and scientific research (First LEGO League – Egypt) loud applause was heard in the Alexandria Center for Innovation after announcing (Falcon Eye) team, The deaf and hard of hearing team, to be the winner as first place all over Egypt.

The final included 15 teams. This success was under the supervision of ASDAA’ Association for Serving the Hearing Impaired and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology.

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Rebecca Toft’s Cochlear Implant Experience

My Experience Of Having A Cochlear Implant.

If i didn’t have a cochlear implant, i wouldn’t even know the meaning of sound.

It all happened when i was born, when my parents was told that i failed my hearing screening at hospital. For the past of two years, i was unable to hear anything, not even voices of my parents and siblings. My parents did try and get me some hearing aids. However they wasn’t powerful enough and didnt work for me. some months went past…

On a random day, my parents received a phone call, from a doctor. Saying that there was a chance for me to hear for the first time… by having a cochlear implant. My parents was so relived and was   in joy of tears, knowing that one day i would able to hear their voices.

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