Freeplane Incredible Mind Mapping

It’s been a while since I shared something on Shack of Hope. There is always this time when you want to write a lot of posts then you just get busy and loose track of everything.

A very valuable advice is to write everything down right away! No delays!


Mind mapping is something robust, it helps in visualizing what’s in your mind on a piece of paper, you don’t need lots of papers and paragraphs to scroll down to infinity in order to  describe a project or a task that  is made up of multiple sub-tasks, this is where the mind map comes in.

Center your main topic, or project title in the middle of the paper and start branching up every simple detail of the other sub-tasks. However complex it’s made up of simple fragments right?

As a proud Linux user I got my self the Freeplane mind mapping  software, it’s amazing. There are other ones out there but I like this one. it’s simple, robust, can export to multiple formats, and makes the whole process very easy.

I was revising my PADI boat diver specialty and came up with this one using Freeplane.

Boat Diver

Boat Diver Specialty Map

I hope this would make your life easier and Happy Mapping!

Download link:

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4 thoughts on “Freeplane Incredible Mind Mapping

  1. marwan balbaa says:

    ok , this is very nice ….
    mind maps and time management are the way to get abetter output of yourself

  2. kyle says:

    Great post started using this. it is saving me lots of time!!Thanks!!

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