Animal Aid Egypt (AAE): The voice of Animals

AAE Logo


“We are a circle, A line that never ends.
And in the center there is you protected by new friends.”

Animal Aid Egypt  is a registered NPO (Non-Profit Organization).

Founded in Egypt on December 2008.

Animal Aid Egypt is aimed at helping animals including cats, dogs, working animals [donkeys, mules, horses and camels], wild life animals and farm animals [cows, sheep, goats and pigs], birds and native animals.

It’s considered the first animal rights organization in Alexandria, Egypt; helping animals on the streets and providing shelter to them as well as adoption services.


Dogs at AAE

When I first heard about Animal Aid Egypt a couple of years ago I was very excited to become a volunteer, and help out with the Animal Rescue Missions.

Animal Aid Egypt now shelters more than 5 dogs and 40 cats in Alexandria, with the help of volunteers and vets around the city we manage to rescue all the animals we can, together we are stronger, together we overcome financial and medical problems.

We believe in God and he would never let us down insha’Allah (God’s Willing). 

There is an amazing post on the Animal Aid Egypt Forum talking about mercy to animals in Islam and various situations where the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)* ordered his companions to be mercy to animals and never harm them.

It’s a must read for everyone: Animal Rights in Islam [AAE Forum]

Animal Aid Egypt is currently in need of donations for medical supplies, food and blankets you can donate anything you can, even small donations make a difference.

These little fellows need your help adopt one today »


Little fellows from the Cat gang at AAE =)


Sandy one of AAE's cats

The old website of AAE:

A new version will be coming soon here:

For contacting AAE:


Accepting donations online via PayPal:
Accepting donations online via Payoneer: Click here (

Bank Acc: 042-041111-001
Swift code:ebbk egcx(HSBC)

Become a friend today =)

*S.A.W ( Sallalahu Alaihi Wa-salam) means Allah’s praise and peace be upon him.

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    I will put a small sum of money on your bank accout tomorrow!

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    I shall try to do a Bank transfer today , but I see that the Banks name and adress is missing , and I think my bank must have that info to send over money!

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